Photo by Jon
((Coat UNIQLO, Tops UNIQLO, Jeans American Apparel, Bag CHLOE by See, Shoes Dr.Martens, Cap Forever21))

I went to Kobe after a long time. Because Kobe is modern town. I like nature. But there are nature and mountain in north Kobe. There are many couple in Kobe. They wanna see night view in Kobe. lol

I wore the coat. I bought the coat in three years ago. lol This is so basic and simple so I can use in long time. I bought some flamboyant clothes before. I was young. lol I thought that I can't use that in long time. So I especially like American Apparel, CAP etc Simply brand.



Photo by Jon
((Coat TOPSHOP, Shirts UNIQLO, Knit TOPSHOP, Jeans Ameerican Apparel, Bag CHLOE by SEE, Shoes Dr. Martens, Cap American Apparel ))

I visited Nara again. Maybe I haven't seen to Nara of Autumn. It was beautiful.
Deers were cute! There are shop of rice-cracker for deers. If you come to Nara, you can buy it for deers. But If you buy it, deers will flock in around you. But they don't attack the shop of rice cracker. They know the rules. Also they follow traffic signal. Why are they in Nara? It is because deers guard God, so it's there.

再び奈良を訪れました♪多分、秋の奈良を訪れたのは初めて...?そんな記憶がない。笑秋の奈良はとても美しかったです。 やはり鹿たちは可愛かった♥ 奈良には鹿たちの為のせんべいのお店があるんやけど、もしそれを買ったらたくさんの鹿たちに追いかけられるよね。笑 でもなぜか彼らはせんべいのお店を襲わない!!彼らはルールを知ってるんだろうね♪ それから信号を守るらしいし。