I went to Nara in Japan with my friends.

I like Nara more than Kyoto. Of course Kyoto is beautiful town. but I like Nara. Because there are many nature, animals. Deers are so cute. They can bow when I give to them a rice cracker. They are smart. Sometimes they eat a paper... Moreover, they deprive a paper from people (really sometimes.) It is funny.


奈良は京都より好きなところ。もちろん、京都は美しい町だけど、奈良が好き。奈良はたくさんの自然、動物が居て、特に鹿は可愛いんだよね♪ しかもしかも、せんべいをあげる時、おじぎしてくるんだよね。知ってたーーー?!私、そのこと知らなくて最近知ったばかり。実際に鹿達、やってきたし、可愛かった!!

With my boo♥♡ Kelly

Haha We failed. And, out of  focus.

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I received natural power. I will visit back to Nara!

I heard that "I went to Kyoto, but I didn't know about Nara" from my overseas friends. I was surprised they don't know about Nara! If you come to Japan, you need to gonna Nara. :)



Bye! xo

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SweetJessC さんのコメント...

i went to Nara!! The deers are so funny!! It wanted to eat my sweater!! LOL



nahoko さんのコメント...

To SweetJessC
Yeah! They are so funny! And so cute♥ Wow! Sweater?! So funny. xD