Photo by Kelly
(( Jacket ZARA, Tops g.u, Jeans American Apparel, Boots River island by ASOS, Bag See by CHLOE, Necklace Forever21 ))

Hello everyone!

I update at LOOKBOOK.nu after a long time.
Let's watch it.

Do you know g.u? Maybe it is sold only in Japan.
Do you know Uniqlo? g.u is a sister of Uniqlo.
g.u is cheap more than Uniqlo.
If you come to Japan, let's visit g.u! ♪

Btw, Recently so cold in Japan. And many many Typhoon coming Japan.
It's dangerous. I hope that a Typhoon does not make many people die.

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Off Color さんのコメント...

awesome style!!

we finally released the 3rd issue of our online magazine called 'dreams'.
make sure to check it out and get inspired :) we can't wait to share it with you, so go ahead to www.offcolor.de x

Diane A さんのコメント...

That top is really nice :)

nahoko さんのコメント...

To Off Color
Thank you!!!

I wactheed your site. It will be my inspiration!


To Diane A
Long time no see!!
I still remember you.
Thank you so much always your lovely comment.♡

SweetJessC さんのコメント...

i shopped at gu last time in Osaka!!! the clothes are cheap and pretty! :)
Let's go shopping together next time XD



nahoko さんのコメント...

To SweetJessC
Wow did you go tu g.u? It's so nice!!
Yeah!! We will shopping next time!! xD