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Beautiful season

(( Outfit details...Kimono cardigan H&M // Pants ROMWE // Tops FOREVER21 // Bag ? // Sandal TOPSHOP // Hair accessory Claire's // Sunglasses SLY (Brand of Japan) // ))

This photo is taken before a rainy season starts. I miss sunshine...
But, If a rainy season finishes, a beautiful season will come on. I can't wait! :)
I go to Toronto, and NY and LA in summer. I can't wait!!!! :D



from ROMWE.com

ROMWE.com is a rapidly grown-up web site.
I looking at ROMWE.com every day. It is my daily routine and my enjoying.

This bottom is a high waistline and a high waistline is one of the favorite Fashion of mine.


Yellow yellow yellow☆

(( Outfit details...Knit Vintage / Pants ZARA / Bag ? / Shoes TOPSHOP / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE / Bracelet H&M / Ring ? / ))

Today's Japan became a season in the rainy season. Every day, it is humid...  Since it is humid even if temperature is low, I am unpleasant. :(
But, there is pleasure in a rainy season and it is likely to overcome the season of a rainy season.
There is a flower which blooms only only one at the time of a rainy season of Japan. It is a hydrangea (Ajisai).
It is a flower to which only the time of a rainy season blooms, and is one of the Japanese culture.
Although a rainy season makes a feeling heavy, it is made bright in the colorful color of a hydrangea.



Pastel color♪

(( Outfit details...Tops H&M / Pants EMODA (Brand of Japan) / Shoes TOPSHOP / Bag ? / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Necklace Shop of Mexico / Watch NIXON / Bracelet ? / ))


These days, I like the fashion of 60 's and 90' s.
Therefore, I seen MADMEN and Beverly Hills 90210 of TV and it is referring to it.


Summer has come.

(( Outfit details...Tops American Apparel / Pnats EMODA (Brand of Japan) / Bag TOPSHOP / Shoes TOPSHOP / Sunglasses ASOS / Necklace Mexico'd accessory / Hair accessory American Apparel / ))


I like summer because I can to come into contact with nature.


Denim on denim☆

(( Outfit details...Shirts UNIQLO / Jeans moussy (Brand of Japan) / Shoes ? / Bag HOTEL SLY (Brand of Japan) / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Watch NIXON / Ring FOREVER21 / ))

Summer will come soon.


Resort green♪

(( Outfit details...Shirts ROMWE / Pants ZARA / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag Shop of FINLAND / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Bracelet H&M / Ring H&M / ))

The cool resort style of summer.


Andy Warhol

(( Outfit details...Shirts UNIQLO UT / Shorts American Apparel / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Socks 靴下屋 (Brand of Japan) / Bag FOREVER21 / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Belt UNIQLO / Watch NIXON / Bracelet FOREVER21 / ))

I participated in the contest of UNIQLO. (UT STYLE CONTEST)
I wore the print shirt of the picture of Andy Warhol. And I took a photo in front of the wall of pictures famous as a work of Andy Warhol.

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