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(( Outfit details...Knit Shimamura (Brand of Japan) / Shirts SPINNS (Brand of Japan) / Pants Rakuten (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag ? / Hat FOREVER21 / Necklace MERCURYDUO (Brand of Japan) / ))

This photo was photoed in the autumn of last year.
The present park does not have a leaf in a tree. It is a lonely scene. But If spring comes, a leaf will grow and a cherry tree will bloom soon. I like such a season.
I bear a cold winter, in order to see a beautiful cherry tree. :)

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Gisella Genovese さんのコメント...

I wish I could see Japanese cherry blossoms too! <3

vigilant lense さんのコメント...

awesome pics!!!



nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Gisella Genvese ♥
Yeah!!!! I can't wait to cherry blossoms too! :D

Dear vigilant lense ♥
Thank you so much ♥