(( Outfit details...Coat MERCURYDUO (Brand of Japan) / Knit ROMWE / Shirts WEGO (Brand of Japan) / Pants TOPSHOP / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag FOREVER21 / Ring H&M / Bracelet H&M / ))

I wore pink trousers according to the color of the knitting bought with ROMWE.
Since I thought that Pink suited black, I thought that I would wear a black coat, but I did not have a black coat. Therefore I took out the coat which was sleeping to my closet after a long time.
I thought that pink and green did not suit. However, it was unexpectedly correct.
I am pleased with this outfit. :)

and, I like the accessories of gold better than silver these days. Therefore, I am collecting them.
 I will look for the accessories of gold in various stores after this.

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SWEETJESS さんのコメント...

同じく!!bracelet :) :) :)


Diva In Me さんのコメント...

Your coat is really lovely. I like it lots. Also the nail polish is such a great color. Pastel is definitely the "in" thing now =)

nahoko さんのコメント...

Yeah!!!!!! お揃い♥ xx

Dear Diva In Me
Thank you ♥
Yeah! A pastel color is in fashion absolutely by the end of this year. :)