(( Outfit details...Coat MERCURYDUO (Brand of Japan)  / Pants Galleri by SPINNS (Brand of Japan) / Bag Jel'emets solo (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell ))

I like a mint color. I found the trousers of the mint color by local shop. This trousers became my favorite item!! :)
I would like to find the item of a mint color in stores various from now on.
Did you already buy the clothes of the mint color? :)


Sporty outfit ☆

(( Outfit details...Jacket American Apparel / Hooded monkey bite (Brand of Japan) / Pants Gallerie (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Dr.Martens / Cap H&M / Bag American Apparel / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Ring H&M,Vintage / ))

Lately, I like the dress of a denim material. Many clothes of the denim material are sold at store of an American Apparel. So lately, I go to store of the American Apparel.
I bought the rucksack of denim, a jacket, and shorts. They are all denim of a bright color. Will be there soon in spring. So, I like the denim of a bright color.

Illustration by VOGUE CHINA's blogger

This was photoed around autumn last year. 
The blogger of VOGUE of the China version drew the illustration based on this photograph. ( http://space.vogue.com.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=423234 )
This illustration is very good and awesome. Although I am not slender in this way, having drawn for me is glad.


Monotone ♥

(( Outfit details...Knit Shimamura (Brand of Japan) / Shirts SPINNS (Brand of Japan) / Pants Rakuten (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag ? / Hat FOREVER21 / Necklace MERCURYDUO (Brand of Japan) / ))

This photo was photoed in the autumn of last year.
The present park does not have a leaf in a tree. It is a lonely scene. But If spring comes, a leaf will grow and a cherry tree will bloom soon. I like such a season.
I bear a cold winter, in order to see a beautiful cherry tree. :)


ALEXIS magazine vol.9

The other day, my photo published to vol.9 of the ALEXIS magazine.
And, The link of my blog has stuck on the global trend of the header of the blog of ALEXIS magazine.
ALEXIS magazine has published my photo from Vol.5. I am thankful to the editor of ALEXIS magazine.





(( Outfit details...Coat MERCURYDUO (Brand of Japan) / Knit ROMWE / Shirts WEGO (Brand of Japan) / Pants TOPSHOP / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag FOREVER21 / Ring H&M / Bracelet H&M / ))

I wore pink trousers according to the color of the knitting bought with ROMWE.
Since I thought that Pink suited black, I thought that I would wear a black coat, but I did not have a black coat. Therefore I took out the coat which was sleeping to my closet after a long time.
I thought that pink and green did not suit. However, it was unexpectedly correct.
I am pleased with this outfit. :)

and, I like the accessories of gold better than silver these days. Therefore, I am collecting them.
 I will look for the accessories of gold in various stores after this.



(( Outfit details...Knit UNIQLO / Shirts VINTAGE / Pants UNIQLO / Bag FOREVER21 / Shoes ? / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Necklace TOPSHOP / Pierce H&M / ))

This outfit put in the light color, in order to escape from the dark color of winter.
The knitting of UNIQLO is abundant in kinds in color. Many knitting of the sherbet color it is expected that is in fashion this year is put on the market.
and, I bought this shirt at the local vintage shop. The collar of this is a shirt of the feature. I was looking for the collar shirt with such a feature. I can find this shirt and am amazing!
Did you purchase spring clothes? :)


HELLO HELLO HELLO! Happy new year.

Happy new year!
I'm sorry I have not updated for a long time...
I upload the picture taken later in 2011 to my blog.

Now, the first picture to be taken in 2012 is uploaded today.

- Photo by Fuji -

(( Outfit details...Coat UNIQLO / Knit UNIQLO / Shirts UNIQLO / Pants EMODA (Brand of Japan) / Bag FOREVER21 / Shoes B by Aperire / ))

Although the present season is very cold, I took in the spring color on clothes promptly.
I would like to take in Pink, yellow, mint green, and a light blue on clothes, when spring comes. :)