Trad style - bordeaux -

- Photo by Ta2ya -

(( Outfit details...Outer UNIQLO / Knit ROMWE / Shirts UNIQLO / Pants UNIQLO / Shoes ? / Bag ZARA / Sunglasses ASOS / Collar Gimlet (Brand of Japan) / ))

Today was very very cold....
I would like to hibernate like a bear between winter till spring. lol
Difficult to take a photograph outside in winter. Therefore, I think that I want spring to come early. I would like to see a cherry tree early.

This outfit challenged the trad style using the Bordeaux color.
I think that the Bordeaux color is a color of autumn. but I likes the Bordeaux color, I would like to use also in winter.

Do you like the Bordeaux color?

3 件のコメント:

couturing さんのコメント...

I love those sunglasses and the collar!


itsJeyJey さんのコメント...

This color is gorgeous! So cute :))

From Paris With Love ❤

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear couturing ♥
Thank you!!
I am absorbed in the item of a collar. :)

Dear itsJeyJey ♥
Thank you!!
I love the Bordeaux color. :)