Collar item ♥

I like the item of a collar these days.
Although I do not like a round collar (Peter Pan), I like the sharp collar.
The item of a sharp collar is seldom sold at Japan, I buy it in an overseas net shop. I bought the item of the collar with ASOS.

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itsJeyJey さんのコメント...

These collars are so cute!! <3

From Paris With Love ❤

Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Carbullido さんのコメント...


te amo,

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear itsJeyJey ♥
Yeah!! These are so cute!!

Dear Sanity Notebook|
ワオ!Wow! You are very good at Japanese.
I like too the back of a third picture. But, It was sold out although I tried to purchase it...OMG :'(

BrightWhiteNoises さんのコメント...

Love the collars you bought !
Particularly the second one, love leopard print !!


nahoko さんのコメント...

Dera BrightWhiteNoises ♥
I bought a part of these collars.
I did not buy collar of leopard print.
It is because the mailing cost of shopAKIRA is very high....Sad :'(