The border of Red × beige

(( Outfit details...Coat UNIQLO / Knit ZARA / Shorts TOPSHOP / Socks tutuanna* (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag OZOC (Brand of Japan) / Suglasses SLY (Brand of Japan) / ))

Hi, It is been a long time.
How did you spend Christmas?
I spending together with the family.

This season is a very very severe winter. I have said "cold!!" every day. I want spring to come early!!!

I would like to wear the clothes of a pastel color, and dress with a flower pattern, when I become spring.

I think that I will overcome winter with a fur coat, or a muffler and a glove since Japan is very cold. :)

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naya さんのコメント...

girl,Im so in love with your style!its perfect!LOVE all the LB looks of you :D
Following you <3


Emy さんのコメント...

AHHH you are so lovely! I love your outfit especially your JC shoes!


Diva In Me さんのコメント...

I like your jacket and top! it is so nice! I hope you had a good year of 2011 and let's welcome 2012!
Happy year 2012 to you..

Jessi さんのコメント...

Happy new year! I love red with beige, it is a very beautiful color combination. That coat is gorgeous! You look so warm and chic in it! Great look!

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear naya♥
Aww thank you for following me up!! :)♥

Dear Emy♥
Thank u! I'm glad :)
I love JC too!

Dear Diva In Me♥
Thank you so much♥
I hope you have a good 2012!! :)

Dear Jessi♥
A happy new year!!!

Thank you for always carrying out a glad comment...I am thankful to you!

karina さんのコメント...

great look))

Quinn B さんのコメント...

I love this! The colours are all amazing together. I love the shorts and socks so so much! You are gorgeous! <3

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Karina ♥
Thank u ♥

Dear Quinn B
Thank you soooooo much!!
You are gorgeous too!!!

From Nahoko xx