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TOPSHOP is my favorite brand.
TOPSHOP is a brand of Britain.

Japan has very few shop of TOPSHOP. Only one store is not located in Kansai.
Furthermore, not all the goods of TOPSHOP arrive to Japan.... :'(
I still like TOPSHOP. That is because the goods of TOPSHOP are attractive.

Especially I like the shoes of TOPSHOP. But, there are few numbers, it will be sold out if I do not go to a store early.

When I go to travel Britain in the future, I would like to buy many goods of TOPSHOP.

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Krissy ~ さんのコメント...

i've had my eyes on those topshop wedges (first pair) for ages! love them!
Krissy xoxo

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Krissy
I want wedges (first pair) too!!!!!

Nahoko xxx