Half red ★

(( Outfit details...Coat UNIQLO / Knit American Apparel / Shirts JEANASIS (Brand of Japan) / Shorts moussy (Brand of Japan) / Bag ZARA / Boots KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Tights Kutsushitaya (Brand of Japan) / Sunglasses SLY (Brand of Japan) / ))

Soon, winter comes on to Japan.
I am weak to cold. Therefore, I purchased the very warm coat by UNIQLO.
The material of UNIQLO is good. Therefore, I trust the material of UNIQLO.

I am collecting new and unique tights. When I noticed, the inside of the wardrobe filled with tights. hehe
but and tights are torn easily, I become sad.
If there are tights which are not torn, I will purchase it in large quantities.lol

This outfit took in red and Bordeaux. This is classic and is new outfit.

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Diane さんのコメント...

I love the tights! So original! Your sweater is great too!!

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Diane ♥
Thank you!!
I love original tights!! :)


Maia Ayelén さんのコメント...

I love your boots, your crushed shorts and the little stars shirt! I love all.
I'm nikkei from Argentina. I very love your style Nahoko!

Hallie さんのコメント...

Just came across your blog on Tumblr! Love it! Great shoes :)

xx Hallie

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Maia Ayelen ♥
Aww thank you so much (Arigato!!!)!!

Dear Hallie ♥
Oh!! Thanks ♥

Love u all ♥