Vintage american ♪

(( Outfit details...Sweat Vintage / Shirts UNIQLO / Shorts moussy (Brand of Japan) / Socks tutuanna* (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag FOREVER21 / Sunglasses ASOS / Bracelet FOREVER21 / ))

Osaka was a severe rainy day today. Therefore, a photograph was taken indoors today.
Today's outfit wore the sweat of the vintage bought with vintage shop. The place where it is slightly larger is my favorite. I thought that I was simple, when only one suit was worn. Therefore, I wore the denim shirt to inside.
All accessories were arranged with gold. Neil is also gold.

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Krissy ~ さんのコメント...

awesome jumper!
Krissy xoxo

Sanity Notebook さんのコメント...

あなたはとてもかわいいです!+私はあなたのブレスレットをしたい!私はそれを愛する。私はに行く必要があります Forever 21 <3


Pixie Elf さんのコメント...

Your outfit is so simple yet very stylish! I love it. The jumper is cute :D

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Krissy
Thank you ♥

Dear Sanity Notebook
Thank you so much!!
Can you speak Japanese?
The accessories of FOREVER21 are cheap and wonderful!! :)

Dear Pixie Elf
Aww thank you so much!! ♥♥

From Nahoko xoxo