The British style using a Poral hat,Oxford.

(( Outfit details...Tops TOPSHOP / Short TOPSHOP / Tights ASOS / Shoes ? / Hat ? / Bag FOREVER21 / Ring all FOREVER21 / pierce FOREVER21 / ))

When I went to the neighboring park yesterday, the wooden leaf had become brown from green completely.
It was the proof which is approaching certainly in autumn. If it gets future a little colder, many fallen leaves will fall to a way. I like summer. but, I like the fashion of autumn. I am enjoying the fashion of autumn. I am enjoying myself using the Bordeaux color of the color which suits in autumn. The color which I like in the color of autumn is the Bordeaux color. It became a fashion more appropriate for autumn, I wore the brown hat and the bag of leopard.

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Dee さんのコメント...

Love the outfit! So cute!

GC. さんのコメント...

Love the whole look u have there. If I may know, where did you get your fabs oxford? I'm a fan of oxford and jeff c. also.
Nice to know you <3

nahoko さんのコメント...

Dear Dee ♥
Thank you so much ♥♥

Dear GC.
I bought these shoes in the store in Osaka.
Soory, I have forgotten the brand name of these shoes....:'(