Traditional style...☆

(( Outfit details...Jacket TOPSHOP / Tanktop FOREVER21 / Lace vest FOREVER21 / Short moussy (Brand of Japan) / Belt FOREVER21 / Hat SPINNS (Brand of Japan) / Socks Kutsushitaya (Brand of Japan) / Boots Jeffrey Campbell / Necklace Rakuten(Brand of Japan) / Bag moussy (Brand of Japan) / ))

I went out to a nearby big park. The jacket of TOPSHOP was worn because it had become a temperature that seemed to be autumn. The jacket of TOPSHOP has various colors, and I want to buy a pink, blue jacket. I want to go to TOPSHOP early early. lol

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Chelsea-Jane さんのコメント...

This look is gorgeous! The bag and jacket are killer.


Krissy ~ さんのコメント...

beautiful photos! your blazer is cute, love your hat ^^
Krissy xoxo

Boss Bill さんのコメント...

to deny you would be to lie to myself. [-:

you look fabulous, doll; and i'm impressed by the park, too. [-:

nahoko さんのコメント...

Thank you for All!!

Nahoko xoxo