INSPIRATION / Color block

I like the combination of a color block. Especially it is a combination of a mustard color and the Bordeaux color. Since the fashion of autumn wants to use the Bordeaux color, a mustard color, and a dark green color, I would like to wear outfit which combined those colors.
In addition, I like shocking pink these days.
I will wear pink clothes in the near future.

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Boss Bill さんのコメント...

looking forward to your new looks, dear. [-:

nahoko さんのコメント...

Boss Bill :)
Thank u! Look forward to my new look!! :D :D

Boss Bill さんのコメント...

thank you, great adorable one. [-:

in the pictures in this blog entry, i would like to see you wear items similar to the following list:

1st picture: the pants and shoes.
2nd picture: the top and skirt.
4th picture: the pants and maybe the top.

always glad to see you and support you, dear. [-:

nahoko さんのコメント...

Boss Bill
Your welcome :)

Thank you for always advising me.♥

1st pic: I have the shoes similar to it. But, I do not have the trousers of the Bordeaux color.OMG
2nd pic: I have a skirt of a leather. But, it does not suit me. :'(
4th pic: I am looking for Pink's trousers now.
Probably, it will be in the store of ZARA.
I will be going to go to the store of ZARA tomorrow. :)