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(( Outfit details...Tops dazzlin (Brand of Japan) / Pants Rakuten (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag IENA (Brand of Japan) / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Necklace FOREVER21 / Ring FOREVER21 / Bracret (Brand of india) / ))

I like the combination of a white and sweet pink, but I like combination with black. Since I did not like too sweet outfit, I combined with black.
I like a leather. However, it is very hot in present Japan. I would like to wear early.
Because I like the summer fashion, I want to enjoy the summer fashion of the interval running out :)

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Diane さんのコメント...

So cute! Love the look :)

Krissy ~ さんのコメント...

LOVE your necklace! amazing outfit like usual!
Krissy xoxo

I'm Just Me さんのコメント...

love the outfit!!! that top is amazing!!

http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

nahoko さんのコメント...

Aww thank you for my dear ♥♥
Nahoko xoxo