Color block ♥♡

(( Outfit details...Tops Nandemoya (Brand of Japan) / Pants TOPSHOP / Shoes FOREVER21 / Socks ? / Bag OZOC (Brand of Japan) / Necklace FOREVER21 / Ring FOREVER21 / Bracelet (Shop of India) / ))

I applied the orange color of neon to the nail from yesterday. Therefore, the shirt of the orange color of the same neon was worn today. But since the orange color of neon was a color of summer, the jeans of the color of Bordeaux was worn. I wore the combination of an orange and Bordeaux for the first time. Since it suits that it is unexpected, it wears after this.

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Nettie さんのコメント...

I love your necklace! <3

Krissy ~ さんのコメント...

your hair looks so healthy and luscious! love it!
amazing pants, love the colour of it! adore the necklace too!
Krissy xoxo

MarieAntoinette さんのコメント...

I've found you on lookbook and decided to visit your blog ;) I love this look and I hyped it of course. This combination of dots on your socks and flowers on your heels is awesome. And i also love your bag. You look great, well done.!

Diane さんのコメント...

A really cool color block! Love everything :)

SWEETJESS さんのコメント...

Hello Nahoko! I like your shoes. Are they difficult to walk on? I got one pair from forever 21 too but it is not easy to walk :(

have a nice day!



nahoko さんのコメント...

Thank you for All!!

Dear Jess
I do not so like the shoes of FOREVER21.
It is because it is hard to walk and easy to start a shoe sore.
But, since it is easy to walk only along the shoes, I like it.

Boss Bill さんのコメント...

as lovely as the spring flowers and as sweet as the soft summer breezes; you know i always adore you, dear Nahoko. [-: