Please take my photograph!! 私を撮って下さい!!

I am recruiting the cameraman of belonging exclusively that takes my photograph.
I am recruiting the person who goes to the photograph special school. And, the person who wants to become a photographer in the future is recruited. And, taking the photograph recruits a favorite person.

Is there a person who takes a picture of the fashion photo?And, is there a person who shares with nature and takes a picture?
Are you good at light, the sun, the forest, the grass, the flower, emptiness, and taking a picture together?

↑For instance, those photographs are examples. ↑

They all recruit only the woman.

And, only the person who lives in Kansai in Japan is recruiting it.

I introduce the photograph that you took without fail by my blog. I introduce you by my blog. Therefore, I think that I can advertise your work.

I want to adopt it for my exclusive cameraman when there is photographer whom I liked because I recruit it.

Please give mail to this address when it is interested in it.

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prettystellar さんのコメント...


love the outfit on the last picture! :)


Boss Bill さんのコメント...

oh, lovely Nahoko--I would sooo love to be your photographer and help you develop your style, but alas, I live on the other side of the world. ]-: anyway, I hope you find a good, compatible photographer. [-:

decimal shoes さんのコメント...

really love your shoes and your skirt :D
I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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and you interested to be our reseller please lemme know ^^
Decimal Shoes

nahoko さんのコメント...

Thank you for all!!

Nahoko xoxo